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Mettle Solutions nurtures the multi-talented versatile experienced teams servicing software/product development including business analysis, architect/design, development, test, program/project management, and operations support. The research, engineering, development, and product teams together bring comprehensive solutions to IT challenges with the next generation platform and best-in-class tools integration to provide nimble, quick-to-delivery, and affordable solutions.


Tutel is a knowledge sharing toolkit for education and training supporting educators, and learners with content development and course management. 

  • Content/Document Management and Learning Management

  • Content development tools including videos and streaming

  • Collaboration and interactive tools for learner engagement

  • Feedback, lessons learned, ‘Train the Trainers’  and ‘Ask the Expert’

  • Tracking, notification alerts, best practices, and reporting


Metrics is a business intelligence analytics toolkit allowing the user to explore complex data sources by building and analyzing data models.

  • Drag and drop query building interface

  • Customizable dynamic visualizations and dashboards

  • Wide range of data sources including big data connectivity

  • OLAP with drill down to detail and export capabilities

  • Benchmarking, trending and pattern recognition


Allegro is a smart management toolkit with the essentials to support programs, projects, or product management.  Key features include collaboration and coordination support for business and technical teams with the following capabilities

  • Roadmap Management

  • Meeting Management

  • Contacts Management

  • Task Management

  • Document Repository


ReqCollab is a requirements collaboration toolkit for defining meaningful requirements with the collaboration of stakeholders, end-users, system integrators, and all participants. Requirements management by collaborating across cross-teams and review groups with the following key features

  • Traceability for verification and testing

  • Categorical and hierarchical grouping

  • Process definitions with workflow stages

  • Collaborative tools and templates

  • Resource Library and references


ReqSim is a requirement simulation toolkit for simulating scenarios and use-cases providing clarity over complex workflows, rules implementation, and bridging the communication gap between business and technical teams.

  • Prototyping and what-if analysis

  • Business process modeling

  • Time-based and Event-based

  • Interfaces and Service messages

  • Mockup/Test data and sample runs

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