Mettle Solutions provide three different suites of product bundles for the information technology solutions and services catered to Payers, Providers, and Consumers in the healthcare industry.


Mettle Solutions has designed and developed modular products, mastered to offer core functionalities including secure access, user-friendly interfaces, centralized common services, smart tools in information gathering, processing, analyzing, and reporting. Each product is configurable to the specific needs and is packaged together with other applicable products for different solutions targeted to solve specific business challenges separately for Payers, Providers, and Consumers.


Mettle’s Cortex product provides the user-friendly interface options to the end-users including integration into EHRs and other systems using SMART on FHIR apps (or API access), web portal, and mobile application. Security and privacy across the suite of products are controlled through centralized single sign-on, identity, and access management services. 


Mettle’s Pristine product provides the lookup services to a repository of standardized value sets, codified values, codes with statements, provider and payer directories, data elements, rules, templates, etc. Pristine provides the central API to be used securely and includes FHIR standards as applicable. Pristine allows configuration to use other lookup services as needed.


Mettle’s Simintero product provides the system-to-system exchange capabilities supporting several standards-based (including FHIR) in transport, messaging, security, and content protocols and guides. Simintero includes support to the audit trail of all transactions, status tracking, acknowledgments, and notifications as needed with transparent utilization reports.


Mettle’s Datastrum product provides the tools and utilities in managing and maintaining the payer’s specific data including coverage requirements, rules, templates, data sets, clinical elements, etc. Datastrum supports analyzing the payer-specific data and provide meaningful utilization in reviews as applicable to business needs.


Mettle’s Enstellar product provides the tools and utilities in facilitating documentation and information analysis and reviews for prior authorization, claim (pre-pay and post-pay), or utilization services. Enstellar provides support for both unstructured and structured documentation reviews with workflows and utilizing payer rules.


Mettle’s Qualitron product provides tools and utilities encompassing quality measures related services including support for measures definition, measures calculation, and measures reporting as per different program needs. Qualitron can be utilized for quality measures at the population level and also for gaps in care at the patient level.


Mettle’s Unicenter product provides centralized services representing the payer as a single endpoint, to route requests to appropriate contractor or jurisdictions and to coordinate responses from all to consolidate as a single response. Unicenter maintains a centralized repository of records that can be utilized by all subordinate systems.