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Mettle Solutions houses exceptional resources with strong domain-specific knowledge of CMS programs and ONC S&I initiatives holding Subject Matter Expertise in areas focused on Healthcare IT Standards and Interoperability, Quality Measures Reporting, Healthcare Information Exchange and medical documentation reviews for compliance.


Mettle Solutions has been supporting Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) from its inception enabling provider's represented agent known as Health Information Handler (HIH) to send/receive medical documentation for claim and prior authorization reviews. Mettles services span over many areas including program and product management, business analysis and also providing Subject Matter Expertise to Provider Compliance Group (PCG), a group under Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Prior Authorization

Mettle Solutions continue to provide program management and business analysis support for several prior authorization programs including but not limited to Power Mobility Devices (PMDs), Non-Emergent Repetitive Scheduled Ambulance Transport services, Non-Emergent Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) and Home Health Services under the purview of Provider Compliance Group (PCG), a group under Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Healthcare IT Standards and Interoperability

Mettle Solutions provides expert advice on several Healthcare IT standards and specifications such as HL7 CDA, C-CDA, QDM, HQMF, eCQM, QRDA, ASC X12, HITSP, CAQH Core, and IHE profiles. Our experts supported several federal agencies including CMS, ONC and AHRQ initiatives by participating in some of the tasks such as analysis, data element mapping, harmonization, guides, reference implementations, and pilots.

Clinical Quality Measures Reporting

Mettle Solutions experts bench has been involved in CMS's quality reporting programs going back to 2002.  Mettle Solutions supported in all aspects including a collection of data, review analysis, compiling to standards, validations, measure calculations, measure reporting and publishing comparative reports.

Healthcare Information Exchange

Mettle Solutions supports several healthcare information exchange services including connectivity standards such as Direct - a project with pilots and implementations by ONC through guided Standards and Interoperability framework; implementable standards developed for CONNECT gateway.